Photo by Michelle Scott Wilson


Photo by Michelle Scott Wilson

BIOGRAPHY - Dan Molloy is a multi award-winning photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.  Working mainly as a commercial fashion and advertising photographer, Dan Molloy’s work has been seen on over 40 magazine covers and counting, with solo exhibitions across both New Zealand and Australia and numerous international advertising campaigns. Now he is able to truly expand his creativity without boundaries through providing his limited edition fine art prints worldwide.

"I use photography as a means to document the world around me. I like to create imagery that call attention to things that other people often overlook.  When I think of an image, I kind of dream it up first, I often fixate on an idea and then I go out and make my idea happen. I was once told that photography is just painting with light, so for me, my camera became my paint brush”

His love of photography began at a young age growing up in New Zealand – he spent countless hours in his High School photography darkroom, often locking himself in overnight without permission, as such, his love for photography and painting with light evolved naturally.

Growing up with knowledge of analogue photography, gave him an advantage of appreciation of light in a world of the digital age. He anticipates moments of light before it hits the camera, ensuring little room for error. His awareness and ability to foresee a moment has given him a renowned name in the photography industry. 

Dan is available for personal consultation for interior curation for your home or workplace.

For commissions, bookings or to arrange an appointment please contact Dan directly on 0404201011.